Cauliflower jollof rice



For anyone who is watching their carb intake, this recipe allows for all the flavour of Jollof without the calories!

1/2 cauliflower

230g chopped tomatoes

1/4 onion

1/2 scotch bonnet pepper

Seasoning – mixed herbs, Maggi cubes, mixed spices and salt


Wash the cauliflower and remove the leaves and stalk

Grate with a grater with large holes 

In a pan, heat the oil and add the sliced onions. Allow to brown for 2 minutes. 

Add the chopped tomatoes, bring heat to medium and cook for 5 minutes. (If you’re using blended fresh tomatoes & onions, cook for at least 10 minutes).

Add seasoning and scotch bonnet and stir

Cook for a further 5 minutes, until the water starts to dry out from the chopped tomatoes.

Add the grated cauliflower and stir thoroughly with the chopped tomatoes.

Stir fry on high heat for 5 minutes.

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